Vidar Launches Kickstarter, Starts Demo Tour


On the heels of a successful Epocu campaign, today Dean Razavi launched a Kickstarter for Vidar, the RPG Puzzler Where Everyone Dies. Vidar is a puzzle game for PC.

Vidar is focused on random story-telling and random puzzles. You play as the Stranger, a character who was lost in a snowstorm and made it to a town at a time when no one can leave. Adding insult to injury, the town of Vidar is plagued by a terrible beast with an appetite for those who still live. So long as this Beast is left to feast on the remaining villagers, Vidar’s days are numbered.

Each resident has his or her own stories to tell, their own quests to give the player, and their own relationships with each other. As their neighbors, lovers, friends, and family die, each is deeply affected by the loss – and their story arcs diverge accordingly. As the game progresses, the stories of the living change in response not just to what the player has done, but to who has died as well. Because the order of deaths in Vidar is random each playthrough, every game is a new story. In one, the priest may die the first night; in the next, he’ll invite the remaining townsfolk to barricade themselves in the Church as a last effort to survive; in the next, he’ll grieve the loss of a close friend and give up the cloth for good.

“Vidar is designed to take the additive principle and turn it on its head,” said Razavi. “In many games you see a town populated as you progress – shops opening up, NPCs running around the village square. The exact opposite happens in Vidar. You’ll see a ghost town where only an hour ago there was life.”

The game has been accepted to this year’s MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase, and Razavi will be demoing Vidar January 23-26 at the event. Additionally, players can come try Vidar out at The Sheep’s Meow Arcade Night on January 15, and Playcrafting’s Winter Expo on January 29, both in New York City.

“The best games are made through an iterative process, and the worst thing any developer can do is get trapped in an echo chamber,” said Razavi. “These events are phenomenal opportunities to get feedback from players, to see what works and what doesn’t, and to make changes that players want to see before they’re impossible to make.”

Vidar is currently live on Kickstarter ( and on Steam Greenlight (

Author: Ben

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