Trudy’s Mechanicals: a steampunk adventure among the clouds unfolding in 2016.

Rip apart your body and become a machine!

To survive aboard the gruesome airship named Trudy, most citizens are turned into Mechanicals. Their limbs are torn away, replaced with industrial tools to secure a spot on the assembly lines. When the alternative is starvation or the toxic mists below, few refuse the offer. However, not all are content with watching their humanity stripped away, and a revolution slowly begins to brew.

“We’ve created a Slavic-influenced world that stands out from typical Steampunk settings,” says Incubator Games lead designer Radek Koncewicz. “Gone are bowler hats and fine brandies, replaced with fur caps and vegetable spirits.”

Trudy’s Mechanicals takes classic SRPG conventions and spins them on their heads. Instead of relying on genre staples of tank, archer, and mage, units have distinct abilities and personalities akin to characters of fighting games or MOBAs. Using interactive environments, the player can strategize various scenarios to bewilder their enemies –harvest fallen foes and allies to use as weaponry, destroy structures or extend bridges to create alternative paths, or hide inside armoured turrets for extra protection and firepower.

Trudy’s Mechanicals is set to release for the PC in 2016, with potential for other ports as well.

Author: Danielle

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