Titanfall Beta Impressions

I just played Titanfall pretty much all day after getting the beta invite this morning, and I have to say I am really impressed with what EA has done this time. If you don’t know what Titanfall is (what rock have you been under anyways?), I’d describe it as a hybrid between Battlefield 4, Unreal tournament, and Mechwarrior. And that is a really really good thing.

From the first part of the tutorial, I knew I had a great game on my hands. I wasn’t bored in the tutorial. That never happens. Titanfall does a great job at explaining all of the tools you have available, teaching you how to use them, and not boring you out of your mind while doing it. While that might seem small, it was huge to me since you don’t really have the option to skip the tutorial.

The visuals are phenomenal – on par with Battlefield 4, if not better. The gameplay is silky smooth, and the controls are intuitive. To top it all off, they give you a giant robot-mech of doom, also known as a Titan, and pit you against other Titans. What could be more fun?

There were a couple of minor issues I had with the game. I really wouldn’t even call them issues – they’re just opportunities for EA to improve the game before release. First, while there are some customization options, there are not nearly as many as there are in BF3 or BF4. I have come to expect more variety out of EA games, mostly due to the aforementioned Battlefield titles – but I expect the full launch of the game will offer more content than the beta.

Second, I played with a couple of friends and, while it was easy enough to invite them to a game before the match started, there was no indicator on the map or HUD so I could keep track of my buddies. I lost them in the first few seconds of the game and never really felt like I was playing with them. Like I said, not major issues and I’m sure EA will address both before launch.

Either way, Titanfall is the most fun I have had in a shooter in a long while . It is REALLY fun. I know I’ll be adding this one to my library as soon as it comes out. Heck, I might even pre order one for myself and one for my wife.

Anyways enough writing, I’m going to go play more Titanfall. If you care to join me, here’s an article on getting into the beta, and here’s one on pre ordering the game.

Author: Ben

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