Titan Siege receives mammoth update: Introduces official store, new quests, weapons and more

PC and console game publisher GAMESCO (www.gamesco.com ) today announced that the biggest ever update to its MMORPG Titan Siege is now live. The game, which features 2000 player siege battles, now offers newbie and experienced players alike a ton of new challenges, weapons, equipment and creatures .  Some of the update highlights include over 50 new quests, 50 new weapons and 500 items.

One major highlight of the new update is The Equipment of the Gods collection. The collection gives high-level players the ability to equip some of the game’s most powerful weapons including the fearsome Sword of the Warrior Gods and gold-plated war armour. Veteran players can look forward to over 50 new quests and hundreds of hours worth of extra gameplay in Titan Siege’s ever-expanding world.

Titan Siege is also opening its brand new game store for business. The new Store enables players to buy unique items and units using in-game currency. This includes faster and stronger beast companions, enhanced battle clothing, healing items and more.

The game’s new Totem system also promises to make combat more varied and deeper than ever before. Totems found throughout the gameworld will now provide players with valuable percentage bonus points during a battle. Players lucky enough to be near a totem during combat can now receive boosts to magic, speed and defence. Totem boosts will prove vital in helping turn the tide of battle.
Titan Siege’s game world features 300 creatures, 15 cities and over 300 quests. At the heart of the game experience is its epic 2000-player sieges in which players can command armies and up to ten different siege engines.
Gamers can play for free at: www.titansiege.com

Author: Danielle

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