The Future of 3D Puzzles is Coming Soon – Fishing Cactus unveils “Algo-Bot”

Developer Fishing Cactus today unveiled “Algo-Bot” – their upcoming 3D logic puzzle title for PC. In the game, you control Algo, a cheerful little robot with a serious job – clearing crates of toxic-waste from the factory floor. To help Algo get his job done, you create command combos, chaining together instructions to get Algo to the waste and remove it – the fewer commands you use, the better your score! The more you play, the more challenging the levels get, offering more puzzles, additional commands and functions for you to direct Algo, and additional robot helpers!

Author: Danielle

Danielle is the Graphic Designer at PCGR. She is responsible for our snazzy logo, and dabbles in other areas as the need arises.