Terraria: Otherworld Teaser


After teaming up over the past nearly three years on development of Terraria across PC and Console platforms, Re-Logic and Engine Software are pleased to formally announce a joint development venture that we hope will represent the next progression in the open world/sandbox arena:  Terraria:  Otherworld.  Expanding upon the immensely popular action-sandbox title Terraria, exploring what might have been, and approaching gameplay in a new direction; Terraria: Otherworld represents a novel take on the Terraria experience.

Andrew “Redigit” Spinks, CEO of Re-Logic, noted that this has been a long-standing interest:  “I’ve always wondered what other directions the Terraria concept could take – say a different gameplay focus or with a much larger budget behind it.  Terraria: Otherworld gives us the chance to play out those scenarios all at once.  I cannot wait to see how it all turns out in the end, and I think all of our fans will be extremely pleased with the final result.”

Ruud van de Moosdijk, Vice President of Development at Engine Software, expressed his excitement for the potential that this project possesses:  “We are very excited about finally announcing Terraria: Otherworld. It is a different approach to a much loved game which is exciting and scary at the same time, but I am glad we can now share it with everyone. We hope to share a lot more information and insight into the game and its development in the coming time and can’t wait to hear back what people think.”

Interested gamers and media can look forward to further announcements on the future of Terraria: Otherworld – as well as other games in the Re-Logic portfolio – in the near future.   For now, keep a close eye on our Terraria: Otherworld website and social media accounts for news as it breaks.

In addition, Re-Logic and Engine Software will be on-site at the upcoming Game Developers Conference (March 4-6 in San Francisco), showcasing Terraria: Otherworld – including a playable early demo version of the game.  Interested media can either contact us ahead of time to set up demo/Q&A sessions, or just feel free to drop by Booth #2230 during the week.

Author: Ben

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