Super Dungeon Run Impressions

Super Dungeon Run is yet another dungeon crawler coming out of Steam Early Access, but don’t worry, there are a few unique aspects of the game that make it a pleasure to play – at least for a while. In Super Dungeon Run (SDR), rather than playing one ultra-strong / chosen one type of hero, you control several gold hungry, relatively careless peasants, that you can upgrade to a few different classes, provided you survive long enough.

SDR is really simple, almost to a fault. Super easy to learn, and sadly not that much more difficult to master. Still, its a great little time waster, and is really entertaining in short sessions.The graphic style in the game is appealing and quirky (like everything else about the game). While we are seeing a LOT of cel shading in recent times, there’s a good reason for it. It looks good and feels good, provided it is done right.

Of course, SDR is still in development, but don’t expect deep character customization, or deep anything else really. The game is definitely geared towards short sessions, and its simplistic control scheme makes it more suited to a mobile app than a PC game. They do at least give you the option to decide what possible classes can be “dropped”, so you can define possible members of your party (no guarantee you will find any of the classes you want to play), but there is next to no strategy involved. I WOULD like to see some more customization options, or at least class progression rather than just unlocking “better” classes as you play. I am not meaning to give the impression that it isn’t enjoyable, it really is, and for $5 I’d say still worth checking out if you’re a fan of the genre.

Author: Ben

Ben is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of PCGR. He writes much of the content, manages the site, and does other editorial things that would bore you to tears.