Starpoint Gemini 2 brings new gameplay trailer and pushes new Beta update

Little Green Men Games, developer of eagerly awaited space sim/RPG title Starpoint Gemini 2 (PC), is actively implementing and adding new ideas to expand the Gemini universe. They have announced yet another content update today, thanks to the extensive feedback from the community.

Some update highlights are:
Explore the all-new nebulas and use special new Gas collector equipment to mine their riches.
Traders rejoice! The frequently requested Best Buy-Sell overview is now available. Plan your trade runs and gain experience at the same time.
Gemini becomes a more lively place – Encounter battles and other “events” on your travels
All new micro-event system can change a routine task such as landing on a station into something new. You never know what will be waiting for you, once you’re ready to go back into space.
Numerous bug fixes, feature tweaks and performance optimization

Author: Danielle

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