Space Shmup Hotness: It’s Super Galaxy Squadron and it’s out now


Presenting the debut title from New Blood Interactive: Super Galaxy Squadron!

Super Galaxy Squadron is a space shmup that is NOT a bullet hell and it is NOT hardcore unless you choose for it to be hardcore, so you won’t be dying and getting shamed at the arcade by the big kids (jerks!).

It’s got 14 playable ships and 6 stages with unique enemies and bosses with a kickin’ rad old school soundtrack by Random Encounter.

There’s also Endless Mode and full controller support so you can get your gamepad on and play forever.

AND it’s only $7.99 with a 15% launch week discount and all proceeds are going to Child’s Play.

There’s no excuse not to play this unless you just hate good things.

But if you remain skeptical, it’s also playable at PAX South and MAGFest this weekend, come get some.

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Author: Ben

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