Rule the World is Coming to Steam!

Release by War Room Games:

War Room Games’ debut title, Rule the World, has been Greenlit!

We are very excited and extremely overwhelmed to announce that Rule the World has received a very positive reception and will be coming to PC in 2016!

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In case you haven’t heard about the game… We combine hand drawn chalkboard style graphics with a turn-based card game and territorial domination. The player has the ability to upgrade new cards and build their own deck, tailored towards the enemy. Do you have what it takes to organise and lead your troops to victory?

We asked the lead developer, Tom Andrews, how he felt now that the game has been Greenlit “It’s a fantastic feeling to have such a positive impression from our community. We can’t wait to show people everything we’ve been working on.”

Tom has also put together a new video where he explains the depth of the game whilst showing off some of it’s more elaborate features:

We simply cannot wait to get this game into the hands of the players. Thank you SO much to all that voted for us on Greenlight, we are hugely dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible!

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