ROCCAT Skeltr smart communication RGB gaming keyboard – Available September 1st

The Skeltr is the full-powered keyboard that unites your peripherals and mobile device, creating an unstoppable force. Taking device integration to a new level, it consolidates your control by bringing your smartphone or tablet into the fold and putting it right on the frontline for all your battles. It features a universal docking slot that secures your device – either horizontally or vertically – for easy access during keyboard use. But the Skeltr doesn’t just hold your device, it builds on its functionality, complementing it a way that deeply enriches your gaming experience. Toggle between system and device typing at the touch of a button; take phone calls through your connected headset just as easily; use your device as an audio source if that’s where you keep your music; enjoy your favorite companion apps – and much more. Say goodbye to swapping between device and computer as you interrupt your gaming by responding to messages; say hello to the keyboard that lets you master worlds. Say hello to the Skeltr.

Check here now for info and availability on the Skeltr!

Author: Ben

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