The PGR Review Scale ranges from 1 to 10, 1 being Terrible, and 10 being Awesome. It provides an at-a-glance approximation of the contents of the review and our opinion of how the product being reviewed measures up to its competition. When it comes to reviews, we understand that most people want a quick read before making a decision to purchase a product. To that end, our reviews are short and to the point.

1-2:  Terrible
Avoid this like the plague!

3-4: Poor
This is not very good. Most people will want to avoid it.

5-6: Average
This is decent. It has good and bad qualities, some people will like it and some will not.

7-8: Good
This is really good. Most people will enjoy it.

9: Very Good
This is amazing. Pretty much everyone will enjoy it and be coming back for more.

10: Awesome
Editor’s Choice. This is the bee’s knees.