Probably Archery now available on Steam and Humble Store

Following the success of the 7DFPS game jam entry and Steam Greenlight campaign, South East Games has released Probably Archery on both Steam and the Humble Store with a launch sale price of $8.99USD.

Probably Archery is a first person archery simulation that gives you control over the individual joints in your two arms. Similar in style to games like QWOP or Surgeon Simulator 2013, Probably Archery challenges you to master the control in a series of ridiculous, tense challenges. From screaming, exploding apple-headed berserkers charging at you, to shooting flying eggs while avoiding breaking fine china, the single player levels provide hilarious fun.

New to the full version of Probably Archery are 3 multiplayer modes. Team Deathmatch lets you balance speed with accuracy to try to take down your opponents before they put an arrow through you. The Co-op Horde mode puts you side by side with your friends as waves of increasingly more strange and terrifying creatures charge at you, including the giant pumpkin bosses. Finally, the strangest mode yet, Zoccer – Zombie Soccer takes away your bow and arrows and instead puts you in a first person multiplayer soccer match on a field filled with zombies. Use your cricket bat and revolver to clear the field of zombies or the opposing teams players!

Key Features:
Crazy and intense single player scenarios
Team Deathmatch multiplayer
Co-op wave-based Horde mode
Character customisation
Gamepad support
Razer Hydra support (currently Windows only)
Native Oculus Rift support
… and… Multiplayer Zombie Soccer

Probably Archery is available now for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam or DRM free on the Humble Store and includes Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra support.

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Humble Store:
Probably Archery site:

Author: Ben

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