Paladins OB41 Impressions

The Paladins OB41 patch is right around the corner, and I have spent some time in the PTS (Public Test Server) playing around with some of the new stuff coming our way. I have to say, I am pretty excited for this patch. If you are interested, here are the full patch notes – but let me go over what I feel are the highlights.

Lets get the biggest one out of the way first. Aside from a slew of bug fixes and balance changes, OB41 introduces a beautiful new siege map called Stone Keep. I LOVE this map. Everything from the art style to the open, multi-level layout are fantastic. Stone keep has me really excited to see what else HiRez has up their sleeves. Here’s their reveal for the map to give you an idea of what to expect.


OB41 also includes a new chest, full of Genie themed Ying skins, weapons, emotes, and sprays.  I have heard rumors of an army man Viktor skin coming soon, but so far it has not shown up on the PTS.



Now, if one map wasn’t enough, they are also introducing a “Test Queue” that will allow players to access and play on unfinished maps and provide feedback to the devs. At the time of this article there are already THREE unfinished siege maps that are playable via the Test queue, and each one of them are great. Of course, the maps are unfinished – they need work (and some textures would be nice), but overall I think this is a great move by HiRez. At the very least, it eases all of my worries about them not working on new content.


Author: Ben

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