NIKITA ONLINE Announces the Commercial Launch of Russian Peta City

NIKITA ONLINE makes an announcement on the completion of the open beta test for Run and Fire, a renamed version of Korean-made MMOFPS Peta City already mastered by Russian cybersport mavens.

Due to the game’s initial quality delivered by Galaxy Gate programmers, the overall testing period for Run and Fire (, globally known as Peta City, outlasted barely a month. About 30 000 users registered on the GameXP entertainment web-portal joined the game during the testing span.

Eminent cyberathlete Alexey “Cypher” Yanushevsky (multiple champion and prizewinner of QuakeCon, ESWC, DreamHack European Extreme Masters, ASUS Open etc.) and renown Russian-spoken e-sportscaster Constantin “Leniniw” Sivko were among those thousands of gamers who gave Run and Fire a try and came to like it.

Captured on camera and provided with first-hand commentaries on how to play it in a pro gamer’s way, their gameplay is now available on Youtube:

Author: Danielle

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