Memories is a combination of classic and modern games, it is inspired by hours
and hours of entertainment with games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night,
Megaman, Metroid and a touch of Limbo. Memories is the essence of classic
games but with current games technology.

You’ll have to be moving through different levels, full of action and puzzles, many
of these levels can be completed simply using logic and skill, but there are others
that you will have to think without logic to solve, and this is what we want, put
your brain to work so illogical using parallel thinking. In the game, there is no
limited life, you can die countless times you just have to save the respawn, you
must destroy creatures and bosses as you progress.

The graphic is created in a dark limbo type atmosphere, creating a feeling of
nostalgia and melancholy, it also helps to give a touch of suspense when fighting
monsters and bosses.

“I felt to play in a desolate soul, gives me a lot of melancholy music and
atmosphere,” –Sherismy.

“Most difficult game ever!!,” –Hamilton

A refreshing combination of modern and classic puzzle-platformer
game without losing the essence of classic games.
Engage in a fast faced melee combat with fast attacks and move, using
elements and logic.
No level of difficulty, just hard mode.
Put your gamer skills to the limit while passing through the different hard
Melancholic theme with relaxing music that will take you in a unique journey.
Experience a deep and immersive story in that you will find identified in which
each character have his own special participation.

Author: Danielle

Danielle is the Graphic Designer at PCGR. She is responsible for our snazzy logo, and dabbles in other areas as the need arises.