Make Contact With Echo PrimeTM Today on Steam

Robot Entertainment released an expanded edition of their sci-fi action RPG Echo Prime on Steam today. The Steam release includes new content, improvements to visual fidelity, and reworked PC controls. Players can now journey across the stars through an expanded array of exciting locations to battle against three races of alien enemies and huge bosses.

To celebrate the PC release, the Steam version of Echo Prime will be on sale for 20% off from now until February 9th, 2014 (£5.59 instead of the regular £6.99). Additionally, players who download the game during the sale will get a free copy of Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die! 2 on Steam.

Battle hordes of dangerous alien creatures, space pirates, and killer mercenaries with blaster and blade as you travel from star to star, uncovering the secrets of the multiverse. Make contact with the Echoes, mysterious beings from alternate universes who will lend you their abilities and aid you in your quest to save humanity from an alien menace. Acquire a myriad of powerful weapons and armor, watch your abilities grow to unmatched levels, and prepare to take on the most fearsome opponents in the galaxy!

• Optimized for PC – Echo Prime’s real-time action gameplay has been redesigned for PCs, including improvements to visual effects, a retuned economy, and new PC controls with mappable hotkeys.
• Even More Enemies and Environments – Echo Prime for Steam includes new locations in which to do battle and a new enemy race, the alien “Tide”.
• New Hardcore Mode – Test your mastery. How far can you get without dying?
• Upgrade Your Arsenal – Over 100 pieces of gear with a diverse mix of deadly effects, from fire to toxic, all unlockable at no additional cost.
• Echoes of the Multiverse – As you play you will discover and unlock dozens of “Echoes”, alien life forms from alternate universes. Build connections with them, and Echoes will offer you powers and abilities to help you on your missions. Experiment and find the best combinations to customize your ability loadout.
• Share Echoes – Use your friends’ Echoes in combat to help them level-up, and level up your Echoes when your friends use them!
• Random Campaign Generation – Echo Prime features an action-driven story campaign with randomly generated missions. Every experience is different!
· Includes the Full Soundtrack – All 14 tracks of the Echo Prime soundtrack are included when you buy the game!
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