“We’re very excited about the progress we’ve made over the past nine months,” said Jeremy Blum, founder and game director of New World Interactive, who was instrumental in the success of the award-winning mods Red Orchestra and Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. “Early Access allowed us to build a community and actualize the full potential of our game, that otherwise would not be possible to reach this moment. We are very grateful for our dedicated fans that have remained loyal through this process.”

“This milestone release marks the end of the Early Access phase, since we have discovered the right direction and created a foundation for the game from months of experimentation, years of experience, and a decade envisioning what this gameplay experience should be,” said Andrew Spearin, designer and community manager of Insurgency and the co-founder of Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. “Today, we look forward to unveiling what we have to the world, allowing more players to join our rapidly growing community and help evolve the game as we polish, refine, and build on top of the framework we have established.” NWI continues to update the game and has DLC plans included in the full price.

INSURGENCY features:
Tactical squad-based gameplay
Intense 32-player adversarial online action with a focus on teamwork
Six-player cooperative play versus AI bots
10 challenging and fun gameplay defined by matchmaking play styles: Tactical Operation playlist (Firefight, VIP, and Search and Destroy modes), Sustained Combat playlist (Skirmish, Strike, and Push modes) and Cooperative (Checkpoint, Outpost and Hunt modes)
Customizable arsenal featuring more than 20 realistic weapon types, seven attachments, and five ammunition types. Gear changes affect player weight, stamina, and movement speed.

Author: Ben

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