Glitchspace Alpha Impressions

I recently had the opportunity to Alpha test Glitchspace, an upcoming Adventure/Platformer/Puzzle game by Space Budgie. It was certainly a treat. The premise of the game is that you are in Cyberspace, trying to find a place known as “Glitchspace”. The problem is, Cyberspace is a very strange, dangerous place that is perpetually in flux. Thankfully, you have the ability to find and exploit “Glitches” by reprogramming them to fit your needs. I would describe it as Portal-meets-C++, although that doesn’t quite do it justice.

Here’s an example of the programming interface from the tutorial section.

You use this programming interface to edit objects within each level to allow you to progress through the Cyberspace world. The game features both a story mode, with predefined puzzles to solve, and a sandbox mode with nearly limitless editing possibilities.

While the game is still in its Alpha phase, I had a blast with it and am confident it will do well. I plan to revisit the game upon its release in more detail. If you want to help out the guys over at Space Budgie, or if you are interested in playing the game, head over to Steam Greenlight and vote for the game!

Author: Ben

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