Empyrean Rule – Rise of the Ancients


Empyrean Rule – Rise of the Ancients is a skill based real time strategy game in a massive persistent open world with players from all over the world, putting them in command of fantasy armies in epic 3D battles. Create armies choosing from a great variety of units (Light/Heavy Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, Engines, Special, etc.), races (Humans, Orcs, Goblins, Undead, Dwarfs, etc.) and heroes (Casters, Melee, Ranged, etc.) with different special abilities and spells. Conquer and control regions and help in the forging and managing of empires in a player driven economy with custom crafting of tradable goods and equippable items.

“Rome Total War meets Civilization and EvE Online in a fantasy setting!”

The game is currently in development. (Pre-Alpha)

Main Features

–          A unique MMORTS with real time 3D battles with thousands of troops on screen in a fantasy setting

–          In depth battle mechanics (Morale, Endurance, Flanks, Height, Field of View, Interactive Battlefields, etc.)

–          Choose between various fantasy races, unit types and heroes to customize your army

–          A huge variety of spells and special abilities which create thousands of synergies on the battlefield

–          Single player / CO-OP / PvP battles up to 6 vs 6 players

–          Player driven economy with custom crafting

–          A massive persistent open world with free roaming

–          Elaborate conquest and empire management mechanics which motivate social interaction on a massive scale (Trading, Diplomacy, Espionage)

–          VR Oculus Rift support which provides immersion and puts the player right in the middle of the battlefield

Official Site: www.empyreanrule.com

Author: Ben

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