Dungeon Souls Impressions


Dungeon Souls is a 2D hack-n-slash dungeon crawler by Lamina Studios that can scratch any dungeon crawl addict’s itch. Right from the beginning, the player can pick between several playable classes – Barbarian, Thief, and Archer. There are other classes that can be unlocked by playing and discovering items and secret areas.

The gameplay feels reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac. There are hordes of enemies and items to aid in your endeavors, but the 8-bit art style and fighting mechanics add a refreshing twist that will keep drawing you back for more. Part of what makes Dungeon Souls so fun is the pacing. While each set of stages is pretty formulaic, the game all but forces you to keep moving. After just a few minutes of playing, you know that your goal is to clear three floors, beat a boss, and repeat. Upgrades feel significant, and sticking around too long brings ruthless punishment. I will say, It would be nice to have a more central location to handle permanent and temporary upgrades, as it took several runs for me to even notice the option to use accumulated gold on passives.

I did notice a few minor bugs, which is to be expected from an Early Access title, but worth noting. My Logitech Orion Spark had a tendency to be latent, but this may be partly a driver issue on Logitech’s part, as others did not have the same issue.

For $9.99 – even in an Early Access stage – Dungeon Souls is a solid game. Since the game’s release into Early Access last July, the developers have put out over 50 patches and updates, with more planned – including multiplayer. It is obvious that the guys at Lamina Studios intend to continue to make the game more and more enjoyable for their players. Dungeon Souls is simple, creative, and overflowing with originality – all things considered, I think Lamina Studios knocked this one out of the park. I look forward to more content updates and a final release in the future.



Please note that these opinions are of a pre-release version of the game and may not reflect the game at release.

Author: Mathew

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