Blazing Griffin Announce Distant Star: Revenant Fleet has moved into Beta


The team at Blazing Griffin are pleased to announce that Distant Star: Revenant Fleet has moved in Beta.  The game was Greenlit in only 13 days in December before moving into Early Access.  Throughout this period the company has worked closely with Alpha players to help shape the game and introduce a number of player-requested features such as tactical pause and unit experience.

Today’s content update unlocks all sectors and the final battle scenario with the Erebus Platform as well as introducing the long-awaited save feature.  Following the rogue-like theme of the game, the save feature comes with conditions – if players use it to escape a mission, their fleet is left with a penalty…so use with caution (don’t worry – it saves normally the rest of the time)!

Today’s patch notes can be found here:

Beta is expected to last for the next few months, during which time the company will be working with the community to add the finishing touches to the game and get feedback on combat mechanics and missions.  More information can be found on the development roadmap:

Author: Ben

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