ASTRO Gaming INTRODUCES Special Edition Battlefield Hardline A40 Pro-Gaming Headset


ASTRO Gaming, creators of premium video gaming equipment, today announced support for the launch of Electronic Arts’ Battlefield™ Hardline, with three sets of speaker tags designed for its award-winning ASTRO A40 Pro-Gaming Headsets and Audio Systems.  Developed alongside EA and developer Visceral Games™, the ASTRO Gaming Battlefield Hardline speaker tags will feature artwork taken directly from the game to ensure an iconic and authentic representation of this cops and criminals fantasy world.

Battlefield Hardline takes the fight to the streets in modern day Los Angeles and Miami bringing chaotic urban warfare to the Battlefield.  Built on strategy, speed and story in both single player and multiplayer, the game will deliver a complete FPS experience. Get a piece of the action starting March 17 on Windows PC, Xbox One® and PlayStation 4® as well as Xbox 360® and PlayStation 3®*.

ASTRO Gaming speaker tags provide customers with an opportunity to truly personalize their listening experience with magnetically interchangeable custom-made art designed specifically for the studio’s award-winning A30 and A40 headsets.  ASTRO Gaming headset owners can create their own speaker tags using the ASTRO Customizer or choose from dozens of pre-existing and highly stylish tags, including several eye-catching series by Upper Playground, iam8bit, Penny Arcade and more.

The three sets of ASTRO Gaming Battlefield Hardline speaker tags, including Class, Faction and Hardline will be made available exclusively, as follows:

  • Battlefield Hardline CLASS Speaker Tags sold exclusively at Amazon (
  • Battlefield Hardline FACTION Speaker Tags sold exclusively at ASTRO Gaming (
  • Battlefield Hardline HARDLINE Speaker Tags will be sold exclusively at The Penny Arcade Expo East (ASTRO Gaming Booth #6124) in Boston, March 6-8


The three sets including Class, Faction and Hardline are fully compatible with existing ASTRO Gaming A40 Pro-Gaming Headsets and can be purchased individually for $24.99 each.  Bundles including the latest A40 Headsets and Audio Systems with Battlefield Hardline speaker tags are also available for $160 and $260, respectively.

Author: Ben

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