Army 21 Alpha Impressions


After seeing today’s news on the topic, I spent some time running around shooting things in the Alpha version of Army 21. The game certainly has potential, but I do have a few concerns about its playability – more on that in a minute. Army 21 is a 10v10v10v10v10v10 base building/base destroying FPS defense game. No, my keyboard didn’t decide to paste 10v10 too many times. There are 6 teams of 10 players each. The goal is to destroy the bases of all the other teams before they destroy yours, while building up your own defenses. It’s like Footmen Frenzy meets FPS.

The game is VERY alpha right now, so take my opinion here with a grain of salt – the devs may very well already be aware of everything I’m about to say. I’m not sure if the movement mechanics in the current release are what they are going for or just a basic movement scheme, but it needs a lot of TLC before I would consider it finished. Pressing W makes you glide forward pretty much indefinitely (even if you release the key), and pressing any other direction automatically changes your course to glide that direction. And then there is the glaring issue of the game mode they are promoting. I feel like the concept would work well if a AAA developer released it, unfortunately for the developer, an indie game that requires 60 people to play it probably won’t gain much traction no matter how awesome it is. There just won’t be enough players. Now, that’s just one game mode – I expect it will become abundantly clear to the developer that they need some smaller scale maps and game modes. Their site does say “Up to” 60 players, so hopefully that means smaller scale maps are in the works. Once that happens, and the game mechanics are refined, I can see this being a pretty fun game. We’ll keep it on the radar for now.

Author: Ben

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