Army 21: a Game that is also an Army


Indiegama Pte Ltd has announced its debut title “Army 21” for Windows Desktop PC’s. Army 21 is now live in Alpha testing – and is seeking recruits.

“In the future, war will be fought through computer interfaces.
A soldier will be anyone with a computer who chooses to fight.
Age, race, creed, gender, sexuality, physicality, nationality – none of these matter.
Skill, reputation, experience – only these matter.
Army 21 is designed to find and train these soldiers of the future.”
– A21HQ

Army 21 is an online action/strategy team combat game featuring base warfare, with co-op and versus game modes. Up to 60 players in 6 teams compete to defeat the other teams by building and defending their own base, and by destroying the bases of the opposing teams. Each base consists of a number of buildings of different types, each serving a unique purpose. When your team is defeated (when your base is destroyed) it is assimilated by the surviving teams. This unique 6-team dynamic , and the focus on base warfare, is the core of what makes Army 21 very unique and enjoyable.

Another part of its appeal is the deep layering of gameplay objectives. You’re competing to win each match as the undefeated team; competing to increase your own difficulty level (there are 50 levels); competing to beat the best time and best points recorded for each level; and above all you’re competing over the long term to achieve a high Army Rank and placement in the Worldwide Leaderboard. Your Army Rank depends not only on Skill but also on Reputation and Experience, and gives you certain privileges and responsibilities within your team – and status within the game.

But also remember this: Army 21 is an army, with the objective of locating and training the most brilliant military leaders and commanders of tomorrow, from the full population of Earth. Think Ender’s Game, but with the combat taking place in cyberspace.

Army 21 is the product of a sole indie developer – Tom Spencer-Smith, formerly of Westwood Studios and EA, who has worked as a programmer and consultant on a number of leading franchises (Command & Conquer, FIFA, Need For Speed, Crysis, etc) before founding his own Singapore-based studio Indiegama in 2014. Army 21 is a long-term passion project for Indiegama, the desire being to improve, expand and evolve the title over a number of years with the active participation of the player community.

Availability: Army 21 is now live in early Alpha testing, for Windows 7 / DirectX 9 and higher. Indiegama plans to launch on Greenlight and Kickstarter later in 2015 after building up an initial player community. Pricing: free in Alpha, subsequent pricing TBD.

The live download for Army 21 is available at

Author: Ben

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